TOGETHER We CANNA Make A Difference!

The DoingGood Foundation has partnered with and to produce a charity calendar like no other! Now, all we need is YOU! 

The Women of 420 Charity Calendar presented by

The Women of 420 Charity Calendar presented by was created to elevate the public perception of cannabis and in particular the women involved in the industry and community. This MAY 2018-APRIL 2019 calendar is 100% charitable with a portion of proceeds benefiting the DoingGood Foundation and also the charities which each woman in the calendar has chosen to support.

How YOU CANNA Make A Difference!

  • PURCHASE/DONATE: By using the WOMAN’s NAME as the COUPON CODE in the shopping cart for a CALENDAR*, DONATION and/or BRACELET, you are providing the woman’s charity with money and supporting her in her efforts throughout the year! You are also increasing the number of votes they receive by doing the following:
    • For every $1 donated using their code = 5 extra votes (example: $20 donation = 100 votes)
    • For every Calendar sold using their code = 100 extra votes
    • For every Bracelet sold using their code = 75 extra votes
  • VOTE: On each of the women’s pages they have a link to their WeedLife page which when you fill it out, they receive a vote!

What does voting do? has graciously created a competition where, within a time period, the women with the most votes receive awards and an increase in donation amount to their charity.

  • Donation

  • Suitcase Party Sponsor Released Tickets

  • Marijuana Charm Bracelet

  • Women of 420 Calendar (June 2018-April 2019)


Click on their page below to find out more about them and their charity of choice and VOTE for them by clicking their WeedLife link and use their Coupon Code to give them credit for their charity!

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We would like to thank our photographer, Don Hales, and his team for their hard work and dedication to this project! We would also like to thank Mythica von Griffyn who provided the amazing body artwork placed on Dawn, our Women of 420 Cover Woman! It has been awesome working with them and we can’t wait to do this again next year!