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BIO: A small business owner since 2006, Cindy has over 18 years of experience helping highly regulated businesses succeed in ever-changing legislative and regulatory environments. A Colorado native, Cindy has helped international clients such as Xerox and Blue Cross Blue Shield procure government contracts as well as helping start-up companies successfully navigate government hurdles along the way. She made the switch to Cannabis in 2015 after her dad’s journey with Lymphatic Cancer. Cindy has been appointed to numerous boards and commissions in the business community, including Chairing the Health Care Council for 6 years for the State Chamber of Commerce, and was Vice-Chair of the Colorado Commission on Health Care Reform representing small businesses. Cindy is a sought-after resource for her innate ability to shape friendly legal and regulatory environments. You hire an attorney to help your business work within lines that have been drawn. You hire Cindy to redraw the lines to work for you. In her next journey, Utopia All Natural Spa & Lounge blends Cindy’s passion for helping people with her business acumen to bring to life a social use environment were Cannabis consumers’ desire for natural products and healthy living services becomes a lifestyle.

Connection to Cannabis: Political Consultant and CEO of Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa & Lounge

Product Preference: Taking the 5th! 😉

Charity of Choice: CannAbility Foundation 

Charity’s Mission: The CannAbility Foundation was founded to provide support, resources, education, and access to cannabis for parents of kids living with an illness or disability. Parents navigating through the medical and recreational laws of Colorado are often overwhelmed with options and underwhelmed with outcomes.