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BIO: Jessica Patterson, is 22 years old and new to the cannabis industry. She is looking to make a difference and share her knowledge of the health benefits of cannabis. She looks to have a voice for legalization and show the many ways it can improve the lives of people on a daily basis. She has chosen MaxFund No-kill Animal Shelter in Denver as her charity of choice because so many animals need homes, and so many animals are euthanized because they didn’t get adopted in the time most animal shelters provide. She has always felt that an animal can love you unconditionally, sometimes more than a human. She wants to save all animals, but since that is not realistic, she can help a shelter that is a no-kill and knows those animals will one day have a real home.

Connection to Cannabis: Promo Model

Product Preference: Dabs

Charity of Choice: MAXFUND No-Kill Animal Shelter

Charity’s Mission: The MaxFund is a non-profit organization established to provide medical care for injured pets with no known owners and to find new homes for these animals once they have recovered. Further, the MaxFund is committed to the following goals: Develop and implement education programs pertaining to animal care, with emphasis on the importance of spaying and neutering. Disseminate information on spay/neuter facilities, and, on a periodic basis, conduct a spay/neuter clinic for pets of low-income families. Be a voice for the animals on issues of animal welfare. Cooperate with other animal facilities/shelters in accomplishing these goals.