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BIO: Dawn Bower was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.  Little did she know that the “ditch weed” that grew in her back yard holds the highest CBD content anywhere around. Also, she never would have guessed that she’d end up in the cannabis industry, educating people about their endo-cannabinoid system and selling high-quality CBD products.  Yet, here she is, working as a Brand Ambassador for Kannaway, a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc., and she absolutely loves it!  With a background in education and entertainment, she thrives on opening people’s eyes and shifting ignorance into enlightenment.  In the past year, she’s met more sick people than she ever wanted to know existed and she’s helped all of those same people enjoy a better quality of life.  Her vision expands beyond CBD and more into hemp and everything it can do, maintaining a sustainable planet.  Dawn hopes to raise money for the students at Denver Academy, the school where she used to teach.  She encourages everyone to #bethetruth #bethechange #bethelight

Connection to Cannabis: Kannaway Brand Ambassador, First Direct Sales Company in the Cannabis Industry

Product Preference: CBD/Hemp Oil

Charity of Choice: Denver Academy

Charity’s Mission: Denver Academy inspires and empowers diverse learners through student-centered, differentiated, and transformative education.