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Doing Good Programs and Services

Empowering Those Empowering Our Community

55% of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in the U.S. are considered small with limited resources. The Startup Community in the U.S. has created an amazing network of events, trainings, workshops, and other forms of capacity building support. If the startup community can support each other, why can’t small nonprofits?

Making a Difference Differently!

The Doing Good Foundation is driven by its mission to provide FREE or low-cost capacity building programs and services to the small nonprofit sector. Providing them with resources they would normally either not have access to or the expense of the resource would be relatively questionable as to the impact it could create. Taking a lead from the startup community, the Doing Good Foundation provides monthly trainings and workshops specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a local small nonprofit organization. Consideration includes cost, location, timing, length of time, the yearly “business cycle” of a nonprofit, staffing, board members, founders, relevant topics, current trends, etc. all relative to how they can more efficiently and effectively run their nonprofit and thus help more of the populations they serve within their local communities or globally.

A Week of Doing Good!

Doing Good Week, again mirroring successful startup weeks like DenverStartupWeek, is a 100% free to attend week-long conference designed specifically to address the business and professional needs of small and local nonprofit organizations. Providing training, workshop, panel discussions, social events, and more, the week covers topics ranging in everything from accounting to volunteer management! We also open up the week to allow college and high school students to attend sessions they might find interesting.

We do this for two reasons: 1) it shows students that what they are learning in college (marketing, management, graphic arts, coding, etc.) can apply to the nonprofit sector as well, thus a broader potential for employment and 2) they might meet a nonprofit in a session which they can volunteer with and make a difference for themselves and the nonprofit at the same time. They gain experience, the nonprofit gains a skilled and dedicated volunteer.
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