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Doing Good Better!

Leverage your donation and/or time to help not just one charity, but hundreds!

The DoingGood Foundation, formerly Denver Gives, has had a big impact on specifically the small and local nonprofit sector, providing them with programs and services for little or no fees.

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We have run multiple programs, but the reason we have rebranded the organization away from Denver Gives is because we have had requests to provide our DenverGivesWeek program, now called DoingGoodWeek, in other cities and states.

Here is some info about this program:

  • 175 Charities registered for DGW in first two years
  • 50+ FREE sessions provided each year
    • Past Presenters include Google and LinkedIn
  • Most attended between 4-6 sessions

Post event surveys found the following for our three key metrics (Scale of 1 to 5):

  • Would you attend again? 4.24
  • Able to implement what you learned? 4.5
  • Will share what you learned with friends and/or colleagues? 4.47

DoingGoodWeek is mirrored after the highly successful DenverStartupWeek, but solely for small (under $1MM annual budget) and local (no national affiliation) 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations which are on the front lines of trying to meet our community’s needs. Help us help them!

Through our YoungPros DoingGood membership group, we will also be providing other programs and services utlizing their skills, expertise and knowledge to help provide support to specific nonprofits.

What Nonprofits Say About Us

If you have facebook, please view a video created by one of our attendees of DoingGood Week.

“I went to a Denver Gives training about silent auctions last year, and we had a record-breaking silent auction this year…I hope similar results will come the from knowledge I gained at Denver Gives Week.”

“[DGW] gave me the chance to pull my head out of the weeds and take a look at the big picture.”

“[DGW] provided professional development and a great personal learning experience. It also rejuvenated me and made me excited about my work again!”

“I feel like a more well-rounded competent nonprofit professional now.”

Attending events like DGW allow small NGOs to meet experts that will normally be out of our reach. I was very encouraged to see the effort that was made to make this happen.