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2017 DoingGood Foundation Recap

By December 26, 2017 April 5th, 2018 Uncategorized

DoingGood in Colorado and Puerto Rico 2017


2017 was a revival of our dedication to our small and local nonprofit community. With over 25,000 nonprofits in Colorado and over 80% of them being considered small, the DoingGood Foundation provided over 250 of them with educational and business-oriented training FREE of charge. Charities which took advantage of our programs and services ranged from animal organizations to veterans organizations.

Here is a video from an attendee which highlights exactly what we do for small and local nonprofits. Thank you to Chantae Thomas and for her video on Facebook (must be on Facebook to view)!

Here is a list of just a few of the nonprofits who took advantage of our programs and services this year:

Where Your Donations Will Go

Provide Outreach

In 2018, with your help, we look to expand our reach to over 500 small, Colorado-based 501c3’s.

Return of the Charity Advancement Committee

We also look to bring back one of our most beloved services for nonprofits, our Charity Advancement Committee. This “committee” is made up of volunteers from professional backgrounds including, but not limited to, marketing, accounting, operations, grant writing, social media, advertising, graphic design, strategic planning, public relations, and business management. This program, with funding provided by our memberships and other fundraisers, will also provide each nonprofit receiving this service with a grant to implement one or more of the recommendations of the committee. This program provides LITERALLY Tens of Thousands of dollars worth of consulting services FREE to ideally three 501c3 nonprofits in 2018. We will also share the resources from these reports in an online resource database for any 501c3 nonprofit to use FREE!

Puerto Rico/Disaster Relief

In 2017, the DoingGood Foundation was asked to be a fiscal partner with a group of veterans and others with ties to Puerto Rico. This group wanted to send teams to assist with the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico, including clearing debris from roads and public areas, tarping roofs, distribution of food and water as well as other supplies, and more. With our founder having experience in disaster management from Hurricane Katrina, Rita and Wilma, we agreed to be a fiscal sponsor.

As we engaged more with the disaster relief efforts, it was clear that the smaller 501c3’s and local churches engaged with the relief efforts were having more of an impact in the disaster area than larger nonprofits and governmental agencies. Since our slogan is “Empower those empowering our community”, it is clear that in a disaster we should be assisting small nonprofits on the ground in order to assist with providing individuals and families with relief in a disaster zone.

Our two teams provided services to over 1900 individuals, 900 of them students, who through our teams’ efforts, cleared the debris and provided roofing assistance. These efforts allowed the school to open and bring some normalcy back to the over 900 students, faculty and staff.

In 2018, we are looking to continue to provide relief for Puerto Rico and gear up to assist with any other natural disasters which may hit the United States in 2018. We will work with small and local nonprofits in the disaster areas in order to make sure that food and water and other supplies are getting to those who need it most.

For more information on the details of this check out our video (courtesy of Locomotive Entertainment, LLC):

If you would like to contribute to the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico for 2018, please DONATE NOW.

We will be providing expectant mothers with “birthing kits” which will include food, lighting, a small generator, birthing supplies, blankets and other supplies expectant mothers will need in order to be taken care of since there are still issues with transportation and power on the island. Kits will be about $750 each, on top of getting them distributed around the island will cost about $20,000 in transportation for supplies and volunteers.

How You Can Help

2018 is going to be a big year! We have a lot planned and need help and funding in order to accomplish our goals. You can help in one or more of the following ways:


We are launching our DoingGood Foundation membership for 2018! Membership is the gift that keeps on giving! Not just to DGF, but to YOU as well! We are bringing back our IJET partnership, so Mile High Members will receive access to private jet trips and other member only exclusives. Get your membership TODAY!


We are re-launching our monthly events! We will have everything from happy hours to themed events, including our Suitcase Party on September 28, 2018 at XJET Hangar! As a member, you will receive discounts or entry FREE for all events!


We are looking for volunteers for the following positions:

  • Events Committee(s) – become a member of one or more of our event committees.
  • Charity Advancement Committee – If you are a professional in a business field and would like to assist a small local nonprofit in a committee setting, join our charity advancement committee.
  • Marketing Committee – If you are a marketing professional or would like to assist with marketing the DoingGood Foundation throughout Colorado, join our Marketing and Communications committee TODAY!

Email Kevin White at kwhite@DoingGood.Foundation for more information about our positions