Upcoming Opportunity

2018 People’s Fair VIP Bar and Grapes & Grain Garden

Volunteers to provide adult beverages to the thirsty people at the annual People’s Fair at Civic Center Park.

June 1 – 5pm to 10pm (20 people needed)

June 2 – 9am – 8pm – Three Shifts (20 people per four hour shift)

June 3 – 9pm – 7pm – Three Shifts (20 people per four hour shift)


Volunteer in Your Community

With over 25,000 501c3’s in Colorado, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. Sometimes, however, it can get overwhelming to find a place to volunteer, especially if you are new to the area or are looking to for something specific.

The DoingGood Foundation has a cure for this! Since our programs and services help hundreds of smaller nonprofits, we will help our small nonprofits find volunteers through our membership group!

For Groups

For those people too shy or too social but want to make a difference, we will put together group volunteer activities for our members to participate in if they would like. Activities could range from cleaning up the rivers to painting homes. We will work with nonprofits who participate in our programs and services, which means these are the nonprofits who need the help, want the help and will be ecstatic to receive the help!

For Individuals

We will also provide our members with lists of volunteer opportunities with the local 501c3’s if someone is so inclined to provide volunteer support to smaller nonprofits in their community.

If you would like to volunteer with us for an event committee or marketing committee, or just volunteer at an event, please CLICK HERE!