Denver Suitcase Party

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Bring A Bag Packed, Party for A Purpose!

The Denver Suitcase Party is hosted by the DoingGood Foundation and 100% of proceeds from the event provides low- and no-cost programs and services to small and local nonprofits!

The Suitcase Party is just what it sounds like. It’s a party where you bring a suitcase packed (weekender bag). Upon arrival, you check your bag in and are issued a Boarding Pass with a unique number.


Have you ever been to a hangar party? It’s exactly what is sounds like, a party in a hangar. Planes and other amazing things to look at and enjoy! This party also includes an open bar, entertainment, House DJ, Silent Disco, Light food fare, fun activities to participate with, and giveaways every hour!

If you love events like BARN PARTY, DERBY PARTY and other great charity events like those, you will LOVE the Suitcase Party!


At 11pm, we will do our hourly giveaway, except we will also be giving away our Fly Away!

What is a Fly Away? Well, we will have a private jet fueled and waiting just outside the hangar. The person(s) with the number that is pulled at 11pm for  the Fly Away, will grab one other person from the party, they will both grab their bags they came with, and at 11:30pm board the private jet and be whisked away DIRECTLY FROM THE PARTY for an all expenses paid trip for the weekend, returning home to Denver by 10pm on Sunday.

To Find our more go to www.Suitcase.Party

Support Small Nonprofits GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!