Educational Series for Small Nonprofits

Educational Series for Small Nonprofits

On the Final Friday of almost every month, we hold capacity building training on a specific topic which is formatted and delivered to meet the specific needs of small (under $1MM annual budget) and local (Colorado-based) 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Anyone associated with the organization (Staff, Volunteers, Or Board Members*) may attend any of the trainings. The exception is Nonprofit Consultants.  You MUST meet these requirements to attend.

The Educational Series was the very first program we offered. We created it because in looking at other capacity building organizations around, which were providing great training sessions, we noticed that they tended to gear their format and delivery towards people who worked on these topics for their nonprofit 8 hours a day. Knowing the challenges of a smaller nonprofit, being ourselves, we realized that there was a gap for those smaller nonprofits, whose founder, small staff, volunteers and board members couldn’t work on these topics discussed for 8 hours a day, let alone 8 minutes a day. So we worked with our membership and developed our Educational Series for Nonprofits.

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*We do NOT allow nonprofit consultants to attend any training or workshops. We do verify attendee relationship to the organization.